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Balloon Service is a leading company in the printing of balloons. Printed balloons are inexpensive and fun way to advertise. Everyone likes balloons from children to older people, so that anyone who carries your bubble promoter. PRINTED BALLOONS - CHEAP COMMERCIAL BALLOON SERVICE - FREE TRAINING FOR DECORATION

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The main activity of Balloon Services is selling balloons of different colors and shapes. Also, for all items from our wide range, we have the certificate from our foreign partners that we are authorized distributers of balloons and accessories. Here you can also find a wide selection of equipment:

  • helium bottles of different capacities,
  • pressure gauges,
  • guns for helium gas,
  • compressors for blowing balloons ...

Balloon Services provides free training to work with equipment and decoration for various kinds of celebrations and events, such as:

  • birthdays
  • promotions
  • weddings
  • concerts
  • proms

We also offer printed balloons, which is an effective and inexpensive way of promoting your services and products. Printing is done in fine technique which ensures high quality printing.